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Auntie B and her team of Licensed Realtors specialize in:

     - Buying Investment Properties

     - Assisting with getting the home rent ready.

     - Finding qualified tenants to live in the unit.

     - Manage the people and property after the lease is signed. 

Tenant Placement

Tenant Placement cost starts at 1 month's rent to find tenants and lock them in a lease.

Are you in need of finding new tenants for your investment home and you need expert help? 
Auntie B and her team will hand hold you throughout the process. Our goal is to find not any tenant but a well-qualified tenant to call the house a home.

Property Management

Management starts $7/day

Our Team will Manage your Tenants and Your Property. We handle the day-to-day operations of your home, and answer questions, problems, and/or situations that may arise at your property. 

Auntie B specializes in being personable, going the extra mile, and using technology to help troubleshoot situations. Which in turn saves owners money. 


When a maintenance issue arrises we spend time getting the fun details and try to resolve the issue without sending someone to the property. This will save an owner money on someone visiting the building. We want more money in our owner's pockets, so you can have the ability to buy more homes!

Properties for Rent

Are you looking for a Place to Rent?

Auntie B and her team manages over 50+ homes in Minneapolis. 

+All properties are managed by our management company. 

+ All our Lease length is flexible.

+ Tenants have a buyout option.

+ Pets are welcome in most homes.

+ Tenants can enjoy our video tours for tours.

+ Tenants who apply will get an answer within 24-48 hours if they have been accepted. 

+ 1st months rent, deposit, and lease admin fee are due at signing. 

+ Tenants can sign up for our 1st time Home Buyer Program - INCLUDED when renting through us.  

Check out our property listing to see what home best fit your needs.

Management Take Over

Are you sick of being a landlord?

Are tenants calling at the worst time or late night calls?

Do you not have a 'go-to' person you can trust for maintenance?

Are you unsure of your rights vs tenants rights?

Are you done 'chasing' late rent?

Don't wait for the lease to end call us for a Management Takeover.


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