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Tenant Placement

Are you in need of finding new tenants for your investment home and you need expert help? 
Auntie B and her team will handhold you throughout the process. Our goal is to find not any tenant but a well-qualified tenant to call the house a home.

         Landlords have found that when they are looking to rent out their properties in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area they need someone who has been doing Rentals for a career. Not just any Realtor knows the ins and outs of finding qualified tenants. 

Auntie B has been finding tenants and placing them in homes for over 15 years. She started her career in college housing and learned quickly how being personable is important. She now leads a team that building a repore and asking hard questions during an in-person showing helps us understand how the tenant will be during their lease term. 

Auntie also gets to know each owner and their goals with the property. She will guide you throughout the process ----- "YES great idea"     or   "Have you thought of this?" are common phrases we say.

Auntie B Rentals takes a step-by-step approach with all clients to make sure that no client feels overwhelmed throughout the process. This in turn makes the process easy, and smooth and simplifies the process with no hassles so we can avoid any headaches.

Auntie B's Rentals will:

  • Evaluation of your home

  • One point of Contact

  • Weekly Updates on how your property is doing in the market. 

  • Advertising and marketing of your rental

  • Photos of your property done for Marketing

  • Video Tour of the property 

  • All tenants will be prescreened before a showing

  • All in-person showings will be accompanied by a License Realtor

  • Showing feedback within 24 hours

  • Coaching and Guidance on your rental needs. 

  • Payment of Initial funds is handled by us. No bounced payments.

  • Lease provided

  • Facilitation of lease signing.

Auntie B and her team at Realty ONE Group Choice is ready to help you become a better landlord. We hold your hand throughout the WHOLE PROCESS.


Schedule a call with Auntie B today to get helpful tips on managing your property and tenants effectively.

Tenant Placement Package

Average home rents within 21 days with our coaching

Marketing and Tenant Placement Fee 
*Determined by the Signed Lease Term*

FREE  Evaluation of Your Rental Home
Includes a sit down meeting with the owner at the rental property, talk about things that need to be done -vs- should be done, discuss city rental inspections, current rental market, what your home will rent for, expectations, and more.


Advertising and Marketing Your Rental Property 

Presence on all major rental websites. Includes photos, video tour (when able) and listing write up for your home. 

One Point of Contact

Auntie B handles all communication with your potential renters.

All Tenants Will Be Pre-Screened Before Showings

Current tenants will be provided a 24-hour notice before a showing.

All Showings Will Be Accompanied by a Licensed Minnesota Realtor 

Any questions, comments or concerns from the potential renter will be answered during the showing.

You Get Showing Feedback Fast

You Get Showing Feedback Fast
Landlord will receive showing feedback within 24 hours of the showing.

Full Background Checks Completed

The Owner/Landlord, will make the final decision on who will be living in the home. Landlords will receive, Crime, Credit, Job Verification, Evictions if any

Reliable Guidance

We will let you know of any city, state, HOA or any other rental requirements.

Payment Collection

Auntie B will collect all required up-front payments on behalf of the landlord and make sure all funds are clear before lease signing.

Lease and Signing

The Lease Agreement and all required forms will be in included. 

All lease signings will be facilitated so all parties understand the terms. All Lease Agreements can be signed Electronically for a faster and easier process. 

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