Property Management

For less than $5 a day, we will Manage Your Tenants and Your Property. So, are you looking to rent out your home, but you need a little help? Auntie B at UpDown Property Management will put you in a position for success. We specialize in Buying Investment Properties, connecting Landlords with qualified rental candidates and the daily Management of a rental unit.


We are ready to help you become a better landlord. 


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  • Tenant Placement

  • Management

  • Landlord Coaching

Landlords have found that when they are looking to rent out their properties in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area , Auntie B goes the extra mile to put themselves in the clients shoes. They make the process easy, smooth and simplifies the process with no hassles so they can avoid any headaches.

  • Manages your home, like it is their home. 

  • Includes a Preventive Maintenance Package.

  • Provides Daily on going Management of your home.

  • Offer the Personal Touch - One Contact for both you, the landlord and your tenants. 


We offer Personalized Management Packages

The key to be successfully and stress-free when renting out your home lies in knowing how to be a great landlord. When it comes to the world of real estate rentals, Auntie B has heard and seen it all!


Now she wants to share the in's and out's of investing with you!


 Whether you are an experienced landlord or new to the rental world, you can count on Auntie B and UpDown Property Management to empower you with knowledge that will make a difference for you and your tenants. 


After 75+ years of combined experience in Rentals and Investors ourselves,

we have seen it all!

Monthly Management

People and Property Management Package 

Less than 

$5 a day per unit.

  • One Point of Contact for all your management needs. 

  • We will meet your tenants on move in day for you. Hand over keys and answer any questions they may have. 

  • We do a full move in inspection. You will get the full inspection for your records you can have access to anytime.

  • Software set up - both Landlord and Tenant get Portal access for rental payments, maintenance request, and any other important information will be located in this portal. 

  • Rental collection -   We will collect the monthly rental payment. Our team will reach out to tenants if rent is not paid on time, we will process any returned payment and be on call for any assistance needed in paying rent. 

  • All Maintenance Requests will be be facilitated in through our team.

  • Will advise you, the Landlord , when to start the Eviction Process. 

  • Will notify you, the Landlord , if tenants are found breaking any of the Lease Agreement Terms. and will coach you on what steps should be taken next. 

  • Monthly statements - Landlord monthly Breakdown of all their homes costs. 

  • Landlord will have Access to all our Maintenance Vendors. 


Ask about our additional Packages

Management Takeover/OnBoarding
$250 for 1st unit + $100/unit for each additional unit

Portfolio Management

Preventive Cleaning Package

Preventative Maintenance

Exterior Maintenance Package


or any other service you are looking for...

Basic Management Package

$110 /month

$3.66 a day

  • 24/7 online access to all your property information

  • Personal move-in orientation (1 hour with tenants)

  • Move-in & Move out inspections

  • One Random inspection a year 

  • Rent Collection

  • Maintenance Requests Facilitation

  • Access to our vetted, Inventory of Contractors/Handyman/Vendors

  • Monthly statements for tax purposes

  • 24/7 Access to any agreements that are associated with your home, agreements, Leases, etc...

  • Team of experts who personally own investment homes with 75 years + of experience.

Personal Management Package


$5 a day

  • Everything in package # 1 AND.....

  • Personal Property Manager to call at any time for all your rental needs. This personal property manager knows your home, your tenants and you, to best help run your investment business.

  • Certification of Rent Paid (CRP) processing included. No extra fees

  • 2nd Property Inspection added.

  • Handle all items pertaining to your City Rental Licenses - updating, tracking, and communications with city, owners, and tenants, Set up inspections. Reminders to renew.

Preventive Management Package


$6.66 a day

  • Everything in package # 1 & # 2 AND.....

  • Preventive Maintenance Package - Includes a 25 point inspection on your home twice a year.
    Checklist items are: Change furnace filters, vacuum/clean fridge coils and compressor, clean all kitchen drains clean dishwasher filter, grease and oil garage door clean dryer vents, clean bathroom fans. Winterize AC unit. etc... 

  • Includes up to but not limited to 5 inspections on your property a year. Move-in Inspections, 2 Random inspections, and 2 Preventive Maintenance Inspections.
    Each inspection will be followed up with written documentation with owners.