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Brenda O'Connell "Auntie B"

Licensed MN Realtor

I personally meet with Homeowners and Investors who are looking to rent out a property they own.
The team hand holds you through the process to help find you a quality person/group/family to live in their investment property.

Why Do I Help Landlords Find Renters?

To me it is very rewarding to coach people on how to be a good landlord. When you are a good landlord you have good tenants. When your tenants are happy - you the landlord is happy. 

Over the past 18 years, I've been on a thrilling adventure, guiding landlords throughout Minnesota in expanding their real estate portfolios and delivering personalized property management services.

Did you know Brenda holds a Minnesota Realtor's license? By Law, I am required to have the license because I am negotiating leases.  I take pride in going the extra mile by mastering the art of those little, often overlooked details that make a big difference.

My journey in property management began in the college housing scene of St. Cloud, MN, where I juggled the management of 296 college bedrooms! After three years, of college housing, I decided to take my career to the next level and returned to the growing Twin Cities. There, I began my passion and enjoyed the challenges of the unknown diverse range of houses I would manage.

I wore many hats over the past 18 years - leasing agent, maintenance, turnover project manager, eviction guide, and property manager. By lending my expertise I helped build many property management divisions. In one of my role, I helped a young team of professionals hit an impressive milestone of 200+ doors in 365 days amidst a Pandemic! It was a scary but enlightening experience.


Now, I'm thrilled to start a new chapter, ready to take the reins with my hand-picked team at Auntie B Rentals. It's time for Auntie B Rentals to shine independently and flourish with NorthPath Property Management!

It brings me such joy when educating landlords on their investment journey. I attribute my success to always prioritizing my owners' interests, ensuring that when they win, I win – a formula that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Let's partner and enjoy this journey together!

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Making Memories with my family, Coaching Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, Camping, Tubing behind a boat, 4-wheeling and seeing the World.

Tell me about your experience in Real Estate Rentals?

I honestly fell in to Property Management! After college I went to look at a property to rent where the owner showed me the home. He called me a few days later and asked if I was looking for a job. I asked him - what kind of job? He said being a property manager for college houses. I took the role knowing nothing about renting/leasing/managing homes, but took on the challenge and was a property manager in St. Cloud, MN for 4 years. Where I was responsible for 293 college bedrooms.

Office Meeting

Auntie B Rentals
Management Team

Every successful businesswoman has team behind her supporting her in all areas of taking care of your investment.

The team has a handful of people who oversees the unit after a lease is signed and handles the 24/7 aspects of Property Management. A few examples are:


  • Rent collection

  • Move in Inspections

  • Move out Inspections

  • Random Inspections

  • Maintenance Requests

  • Turnover facilitation

  • Rent collection

  • Processing all end of the year paperwork

  • File tracking

  • Spending tracking

  • Lease Modifications

  • Early Lease terminations

  • IF we have evictions.... we got you!!


Ask about the Auntie B Rentals...
              Preventive Maintenance Package


              Preventive Cleaning Packages

Office inspiration

John Hageman 
NorthPath Property Management Broker

Hi I am John. Brenda and I have worked together for several years, helping owners find quality tenants to live in your investment property. 


Nate our homeowner said this about his experience when working with John and the team: 

"John is definitely the MVP of this round for being able to help with the placement process and meeting with the tenants, you guys are a well-oiled machine and I'll definitely recommend you to anyone that's looking for property management."

John's experience includes but is not limited to: tenant placement and property management, city planning, creating and managing TIF (tax increment financing) districts, Buy/Sell and focuses on Investments Realtor and other entrepreneurial endeavors in Real Estate. Owning my own rental portfolio gives me a distinct perspective and I can speak from experience when walking investors through new deals. I believe in transparency and integrity above all else.



Hi! I am Brenda's Tenant Placement Assistant. While Brenda is on the Road most of the day. I am able to help her with everything she needs behind the computer. I love helping her find quality tenants to live in a home. 



Hi! I am Marl. I am here to help you learn about the in's and outs of property management. I help you  understand this through my marketing efforts on social media. 
I love sharing Auntie B's Stories and help educate, show you tricks and grow as an investor.
Brenda has so many stories to tell!!!
I want to share that all with you.

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