Ready To Make a Move? Everyone has someone they know - a cousin, uncle, sister,
or a best friend’s co-workers ex-wife’s brother’s nephew who is a real estate agent.
But who will you trust, with YOUR Biggest Life Purchase?


The Expert!

With our ability to Buy and Sell and look at Investments to be profitable, we can give you more than any other agent out there.


  • We can give you the true numbers! 

  • What will my house sell for?

  • How much would I walk away with in my pocket after selling my home?

  • What do I have to put in to the home to sell?

  • What if I were to turn it in to an investment home? 

With out outstanding ability to communicate, superior negotiation skills and the genuine belief that we truly do care about our clients experiencing and what they want for their future goals.


We want you to be 110% satisfaction with the outcome of YOUR transaction.


Real Estate Investment Coaching

What is the BIG PICTURE? 


Everyone has their idea of what investing is. And not everyone’s idea works with you. Let’s sit down and paint the BIG PICTURE of what you want out of investing in Real Estate and see if it is right for you. We will go in to as much detail as you would like. And what you want to know and learn about investing in the Minnesota Real Estate Market and how to run a strong Real Estate Investment Company with as big of portfolio as you want to make it.


Contact us today to have coffee or a beer on tap and chat!   

What is the BIG PICTURE of what you want to do with your home for your FUTURE?

Our company goal is to keep growing our business on a referral lead - from you our HAPPY CLIENT! 
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