Tenant Placement

Tenant Placement includes Landlord Coaching Services — So, you are looking to rent out your home, but you need a little help? Auntie B at UpDown Property Management will put you in a position for success. Auntie B with her team at UpDown Property Management specializes in Buying Investment Properties, Connecting Landlords with qualified rental candidates and the daily Management of a rental home.


Landlords have found that when they are looking to rent out their properties in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area , Auntie B and her Brokerage Side By Side Real Estate by helping investors find the RIGHT property and go the extra mile to put themselves in the clients shoes. Than UpDown Property Management steps in to help with the daily managing of the home, to make the process easy, smooth and simplifies the process with no hassles so they can avoid any headaches.

  • Manages your home, like it is their home. 

  • Includes a Preventive Maintenance Package.

  • Provides Daily on going Management of your home.

  • Offer the Personal Touch - One Contact for both you, the landlord and your tenants. 

Auntie B and the UpDown Property Management is ready to help you become a better landlord. 


Sign up today to get helpful tips on managing your property and tenants effectively. Coaching Landlords to be successful investors. 


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Tenant Placement Package

Average home rents 

within 21 days

FREE  Evaluation of Your Rental Home
Includes a sit down meeting, with the owner at the rental property. 
Talk about things that need to be done -vs- should be done. 

Discuss city rental inspections
Current rental market
What your home will rent for 


and more.....

Advertising and Marketing Your Rental Property 
Presence on all major rental websites. 

Includes photos, video tour (when able) and listing write up for your home. 

One Point of Contact
Auntie B's handles all communication with your potential renters.

All Tenants Will Be Pre-Screened Before Showings
Current tenants will be provided a 24-hour notice before a showing.

All Showings Will Be Accompanied
Any questions, comments or concerns from the potential renter will be answered during the showing.


You Get Showing Feedback Fast
Landlord will receive showing feedback within 24 hours of the showing.


Full Background Checks Completed
The Owner/Landlord, will make the final decision on who will be living in the home.


Reliable Guidance
We will let you know of any city, state, HOA or any other rental requirements.


Payment Collection
Auntie B's Brokerage, Renters Warehouse, will collect all required up-front payments on behalf of the landlord and make sure all funds are clear before lease signing. 


Lease and Signing
The Lease Agreement and all required forms will be in included. 

All lease signings will be facilitated so all parties understand the terms.

All Lease Agreements can be signed Electronically for a faster and easier process. 


Marketing and Tenant Placement Fee 
*Determined by the Signed Lease Term*


Tenant Placement Fee's 

1 months rent for a 0-15 month lease

 1.5 months rent for a 16 + month lease


** All OnBoarding fees waved when using Tenant Placement **